Las Vegas

Las Vegas


The city of Las Vegas, considered by many to be Nevada’s heart and soul, has long held a reputation as a gambler’s paradise. We’ve all heard of tales of people, even those with no previous history of gambling, losing everything in one of the many casinos in Vegas. If you can rent a lambroghini, and love the thrill of it, you will love Vegas!


I was confident enough in my ability to avoid the gambler’s curse that I happily scheduled a trip to Vegas as soon as I had the chance. I would not let horror stories of loss on poker tables dissuade me from visiting one of our most beautiful cities.


No reason not to have a positive experience in Vegas


Fortunately, my visit to Las Vegas was nothing like one from a cautionary tale. I tried to experience everything that the city has to offer, and that had to include visiting a few casinos, but I kept my bets to a minimum and even ended up with some small wins.


Of course, I was really there for the atmosphere and the sights, and I certainly got what I came from. Vegas might just have the most epic nightlife out of any destination I have visited, both on the Strip and in other parts of the city. Indeed, it seems the whole place was designed to come alive only when the sun sets and the thousands or millions of the city’s lights turn on.


There’s no doubt about it – Vegas is definitely a top spot to visit for lovers of hardcore partying, but those with a gambling problem should probably steer clear.